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ACi Water Pyramid - Red

ACi Water Pyramid - Red
ACi Water Pyramid - Red
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Product Code : Colour Therapy
Product Description

Colour Therapy- Red Water Pyramid

Size- Square base Size  3 x 2.5 Inches Pyramid

The power of colour healing has been recognised by most health professionals around the world who practice advanced medical  techniques, especially those using alternative medicines.

Properties of Red colour

-It is related to Root Chakra (Muladhar)

Concern Glands :- Adrenal Gland

Functions:- survival,  Vital physical energy

Red colour therapy is helpful in  Constipation, Obesity, Scitica, Knee trouble

Using Red water pyramid:-

Fill the water in the square box & fix a top pyramid over the square at top.

Keep for minimum of 24 hours for immediate use.

For maximum result keep  this pyramid  exposed to sun for 3 days.

Addition use

Like water , you can keep massage oil for the charing under colour pyramid

Alternate use in Vastu shastra

You can place carnelian pebbles inside the box and place it at south east corner for any defect in the zone.